History of the Mayor of Pinnacle Peak

Last time we checked in on the Mayor of Pinnacle Peak, we found him on the trail (pictured) catching up with some of North Scottsdale’s hikers that were visiting to cheer on North Carolina at the Final Four in Glendale as they hung with local North Carolina Legend and NBA 3-Time Champion Scott Williams (in the middle) . As the last article explained, the Swarm user checking-in at a location more than any other user, is awarded the title of “Mayor.” This is a well-earned title for local real estate expert, Jeff Sibbach, but just did how did Jeff Sibbach become the Mayor of Pinnacle Peak? Here is the history of the Mayor of Pinnacle Peak.

Mayor of Pinnacle Peak Jeff Sibbach on the Trail

View from Pinnacle Peak Trail

Taking A Look Back

Jeff Sibbach struggles with everyday bad habits just like the rest of us do. What Jeff didn’t know was that one of the bad habits he had developed, would end up giving him the title of Mayor of Pinnacle Peak. It was in 2013 when Jeff realized it had been 10 years since he gained the baby weight from the birth of his last child. It was the Mint Chocolate Chip milk shakes with Makenzie that started the weight gain but Double Fudge Sundays that helped Jeff bulk up for the arrival of Jackson. As any other individual would do, Jeff would order two- One for his wife and one for him.

After 9 months had gone by, it was evident that Jeff had gained weight, in fact, he gained close to 25-30 pounds during the child birthing years. His wife Lynn looked great, and yet Jeff had some work to do! Realizing how long it had been, along with the desire to be beach bod ready, lead Jeff to want live healthier. This is when reality set in.

Making a Change

Now determined to shed those unwanted pounds, Jeff looked for a way to get active and enjoy himself while doing it. This is when he started hiking Pinnacle Peak. The idea was simple, “If I hike every day, I have to lose weight.” The first time Jeff hiked, it took him almost 2 hours to hike the 3.5 mile out and back trail. As the hiking progressed from one or two times a week, to 4 times a week, it became clear that Jeff was hiking in the wrong shoes. This led his wife Lynn, to buy him a pair of hiking shoes.

Stunning views from Pinnacle Peak

Jeff was now hiking an average of 6 times a week, when his business partner Phil Sexton urged Jeff to be more “Social” online. That is where checking in on Swarm began. It was the perfect way to connect with friends, clients, and fellow hikers, by keeping up with them and sharing his activity. As his check-in count began climbing into the hundreds, Jeff realized that he had been named him Mayor of Pinnacle Peak. Digging his new title, Jeff’s wife Lynn made him his now recognizable shirt reading “Mayor of Pinnacle Peak.” What started as a fun title, has now become a part of the trail. To this day first time hikers, and regulars alike, see Jeff and recognize the Mayor.

Mayor of Pinnacle Peak Jeff Sibbach

Since that first pair of hiking shoes, Jeff has since gone through two more pairs, hiking over 4,000 miles. While hiking these many miles he has met so many incredible people visiting one of Scottsdale’s most notable and enjoyable trail.

Fellow Hikers

Every year over 200,000 visitors enjoy the beautiful trail and unsurpassed views that Pinnacle Peak offers. People from all across the valley make the drive to enjoy its peaceful experience. You can imagine that with so many visitors hiking this trail, some pretty cool characters will be tossing up dirt right next to you. Hiking the trail an average of 6 times a week, Jeff can definitely agree with that statement. As a big sports fan, Jeff was most excited when he bumped into what felt like the whole crew at ESPN! Pictured below, we see Jeff with ESPN’s Trey Wingo, the Host of NFL Live (pictured left), and former National Football League player and coach, Herm Edwards. Jeff was very excited to discuss football while hiking the trail (Pictured right).

Mayor of Pinnacle Peak Jeff Sibbach with Herm Edwards

Other notable sports experts we see Jeff with are ESPN’s football analyst, Adam Scefter (Pictured left). We also see Jeff with ESPN’s Wendy Nix, Adam Scefter, and Lindsay Czarniak (Pictured right).

Mayor of Pinnacle Peak Jeff Sibbach with ESPN team!

Jeff has also been privileged to hike along side some of our community’s heroes. From police officers, men and women in the military, to firemen and EMTs, Jeff loves hearing these peoples’ stories and backgrounds. Below we see The Mayor of Pinnacle Peak with Jason Dominguez, a Phoenix fireman who keeps in shape by taking advantage of Arizona’s incredible trails (Pictured left). We also see Uncle Dan “Smoke Detector Man” Renolds, a retired fire captain, a man whose name comes from his expertise in fire safety (Pictured right).

Mayor of Pinnacle Peak Jeff Sibbach with retired fire Captain

Other “Locals” On the Trail

Although Jeff loves meeting new people on the trail, sometimes he bumps into guests on the trail that he doesn’t want to get too chatty with. Not a common occurrence, but over the past several year, hiking 6 times a week, the Mayor of Pinnacle Peak has bumped into some snakes passing through. Snakes are just one of the many incredible inhabitants that live along the trail, but if left alone, they move on their way.

Snake on Pinnacle Peak Trail

View from the Pinnacle Peak Trail

While hiking the Pinnacle Peak trail, there are so many spectacular things to see. The trail winds its way up the bouldery mountain, past giant saguaros, giving way to panoramic views of the McDowell Mountains, Four Peaks, and Troon North area. Tom’s Thumb, shown below is an impressive sight to see while hiking the trail (Pictured left). While working your way through you also can see Fountain Hill’s notable “World’s Tallest Continuously Running Freshwater Fountain” in the distance (Pictured right).

Fountain Hills

The trail at Pinnacle Peak reaches its highest point at 2889 FT, and displays a sign for hikers to take pictures with. Below we see Jeff at the sign with one of his regular hiking partners, his daughter Makenzie .

Mayor of Pinnacle Peak Jeff Sibbach with daughter at highest point

Staying Healthy In the Summer

Summer has a fiery authority here in Phoenix, one that brings grueling triple-digit temperatures. A heat that for some outdoor enthusiasts means waiting to hike until cooler temperatures return. But for many locals like Jeff Sibbach, as temperatures rise, they simply embrace the heat. For some, it can mean a shift in schedule getting out before the sun comes out, but no matter the time one thing is certain, plenty of water is a requirement. Below we see a sign that comes out at Pinnacle Peak whenever the temperatures reach an excess of 110°. The sign at the start of the trail warns, “Excessive Heat, Go to the pool instead.” Not a bad idea, but all the same, Jeff still makes the time nearly every morning to complete his hike, and his check-in on Swarm.

View from Pinnacle Peak Trail

Though once his hike is complete, there is no better feeling than a jump into a crisp and refreshing pool along with some pool games with his wife and two kids.

Sibbach Team Pool Party

Four Years Later

Four years later, Jeff can honestly say that he lives a far healthier life, and met some incredible people. The Mayor of Pinnacle Peak has also seen some incredible changes happen in his business! Finding a daily routine from his near daily hike of Pinnacle Peak, he goes into work clear and focused ready to take the day by storm. Since 2013, his real estate business has quadrupled, putting him in the top 1/10th of the 1% of out of 33,000 realtors in Past 4 years (by volume). The Sibbach Team is now the #1 team at Realty One Group, and is growing year over year, and Jeff’s team has expanded more than he ever could have imagined. So many great changes, but he still loves the occasional Mint Chocolate Chip milkshake!

So next time you are hiking Pinnacle Peak, make sure to keep an eye out for Mayor of Pinnacle Peak Jeff Sibbach. And whether you are looking to buy your next North Scottsdale home, or get out of your current North Scottsdale home, call the Sibbach Team today! 480-500-1738

Sibbach Team #1 Team in the Country at Realty One Group

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