What All Agents Need to Survive This Super Low-Demand Market

What All Agents Need to Survive This Super Low-Demand Market

In today’s real estate landscape, we find ourselves in a challenging situation. High-demand markets that characterized 2020 to mid-2022 may have made it seem like success was guaranteed. However, in this super low-demand market, the playing field has shifted dramatically.

Would you win more if you improved your skills?

When was the last time you attended a workshop to work on your skills?

Deals are no longer handed out freely; they go to the “best agents” – those who have honed their skills, adapted to change, and stayed ahead of the curve. For the rest, the options might seem limited: becoming brokers or enjoying a comfortable lifestyle business, doing 10-15 deals a year, and reminiscing about past glories. But there’s another path, one that leads to success even in these challenging times – through skill-building!

At the Sibbach Team, we understand the importance of skill development (through team meetings and live & on-demand training) because we’ve walked the same path. Our team includes elite agents who have grown through our coaching program, grow successful businesses and have stayed for over 10 years because we always work on skill-building. Our best agent, for instance, achieved nearly $40 million in sales in 2023 with just 30 deals and no marketing.

Jeff Sibbach, our team leader, remains actively involved in the business, always learning the “new ways” to win in the ever-evolving real estate industry. Phil Sexton, son of a broker, is the best at helping agents find their voice on the phone and techniques to get leads to respond, in addition to bailing agents out of trouble, as the Chairman of the Risk Management Committee at AAR, we are here help you and your clients in the most difficult of situations.

We believe that to thrive in today’s market, agents must focus on skill enhancement in several key areas.

  • Investing: At the Sibbach Team, we’ve discovered that investing in real estate can be just as profitable as selling houses. Our expertise in this area can help you diversify your income streams and secure your financial future.
  • Getting Listings: Jeff’s best year individually involved listing 106 houses for 60+ million in 2017. Listers last but winning listings is difficult because most of the valley’s agents want listings. We can help you become a listing expert and secure a steady flow of properties to sell and then negotiate with talk tracks to get sellers priced right to close vs canceled or expire.
  • Buyer’s Agent Representation: Any agent can show a house, but what skills do you have to beat out other agents in this tough market? We can provide you with the tools and knowledge to excel in this role and secure loyal clients.
  • Real Estate Marketing: Real estate marketing makes it hard to create leads that close! In today’s digital age, marketing is critical. The internet vendors sell over 100M leads each year and there are only 4 million sales. We’ll show you how to leverage marketing to generate more deals. Ask yourself, how many deals come from your marketing efforts compared to referrals?  Do I want to learn to convert internet leads I pay for or someone else?
  • Team Building: Building a successful real estate team is a path to exponential growth. We have the experience to guide you through the process, helping you expand your business beyond your own capacity.
  • Mindset: Yes, our first is negative, but how do you power through, create a positive mindset, a growth mindset, an abundance mindset to grow? We offer mindset coaching to keep you motivated, resilient and focused on your goals.
  • Business Planning: Effective business planning is the roadmap to success. We’ll help you create a personalized plan that aligns with your goals and keeps you on track.

In this low-demand market, the winners will be those who continuously invest in themselves and their skills. We invite you to join us at the Sibbach Team, where we’re committed to helping you thrive, no matter the market conditions. Your success is our success, and together, we can achieve remarkable results! 

Don’t be left behind in this changing real estate landscape. Embrace skill-building, and let’s navigate these challenges together!

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