Happening Now In Grayhawk, Great Burgers At The Grind!

The name alone might conjure up images of a nice cup of joe…well that is definitely not the case.  The Grind is a burger joint and the newest addition to the Grayhawk community.  The Grind has opened its second location in the valley at 20511 N. Hayden Road in the Hayden Peak Crossing shopping center just north of the 101.   The first location opened in Arcadia on 40th and Camelback in 2010 and quickly became a neighborhood staple for great burgers and a family friendly atmosphere.  The owners of The Grind hope to inspire the same type of feeling at their second location which opened in September 2012 in a prime corner spot where Jasper Bar and Grill used to be located

The GrindWhat is so special about this locally owned place?  Well, The Grind boasts that it has the first 1000 degree coal fired oven in use in the United States.  This method of cooking allows for a four minute cooking time which locks in the juices and gives the food great flavor.  Coal fired cooking is quite popular in Europe, but is not really used in the states, except now!. The Grind also prides itself on using fresh ingredients and uses organic meats and vegetables when possible.

What is good to eat here?  You can’t go wrong with the BLT burger ($10) served on a huge bun with bacon, tomato, charred sweet onion, lettuce and a side of half/half fries ($5-sweet potato and regular).  If you are a vegetarian the grilled portabella sandwich ($11) with fried zucchini, ricotta salata, and wild arugula is crave worthy!  There are about 11 different options of burgers to choose from so there is definitely something for everyone.  The Grind also offers some great desserts, but one that you must try is the warm doughnuts with salted butterscotch because it is absolutely delicious.  Be sure to try out The Grind for breakfast too on Saturday and Sunday.

Welcome to the Grayhawk Neighborhood The Grind!