Phoenix Open 2013 – TPC Scottsdale Homes For Sale


Haha! Where are we Jeff? I told you we’d be back with another lifestyle update, and here we are at the famous Phoenix, or Waste Management Open, at TPC.

We’re over-looking the 18th hole, we almost got hit by a ball for goodness sakes…

But you did the right thing, you yelled “Fore!” isn’t that what your supposed to do right?

Not when your going to get hit, when you HIT the ball.

Oh! Well we’re here and we’re going to actually talk about real estate believe it or not, but we thought what a great opportunity to be here, and tell you also, this is a great place to be this time of year.

This place opened up, this course opened up in 1987 and was built specifically to host the Phoenix Open.

Good idea by Scottsdale to bring the crowds in, right?

Absolutely and they do. How many people do they draw every year?

Saturday last year they drew 150,000 which was…I mean typical events throughout the year are lucky if they get to 100,000…(Phoenix Open) gets to 150,000 (Saturday) drawing close to 400,000 people for the week!

That’s right, and what do people do when they get here, do they just watch golf?

Oh absolutely, if it gets in the way of their beer going down their throat!

So we’ve got the beer garden, we’ve got the 16th hole…

We’ve got the Bird’s Nest is that what we’re here to talk about?

No, we’re here to talk about real estate!

Oh, real estate I see!

What homes are available in here right now?

Well actually, if you want a home in the community that backs to the golf course, there’s only 5 available.

5 homes for sale!

No 4 or 5 homes. So we’ve got Crown Point which is patio homes that line the 1st tee box here.

And there are 2 homes for sale right now in Crown Point.
Right, Crown Point homes for sale 2.

How about Alcazar homes for sale?

3 in there right now. 3 homes for sale in Alcazar right now.

But Ash, I want one of the premium big lots homes in Princess Views…

Of course you do…well you can’t right now because there aren’t any for sale, but if you did…

No homes for sale in Princess Views?

No homes for sale in Princess Views.

That’s terrible!

Not right now, but the last one that sold in there was about $300 per square foot!

That sounds cheap!

Uh, let’s put that in perspective.

Grayhawk homes for say, just under $200 a square foot in there, and DC Ranch low 2’s to mid 2’s.

So if you want to be the king of the party you get to pay the premium price, go figure! For one week of the year, everyone’s going to love you for $300 a square foot.

And you can stagger on home from the Phoenix Open.

That’s worth it to me!

Let us know if you’d like to see some of them, because we can take you there.

Absolutely, you might catch us live in action this next week, we’ll see. Stay tuned!

Talk to you soon.