How We Help You Buy

Buying Real Estate
We offer the best buying experience in the Valley bar none. We find homes for our clients before they hit the market.

Homes & Land Magazine ranked the Sibbach Team one of the Top Ten Buyer Agents in the entire Valley (out of 33,000 REALTORS®). What we offer our home buyers is unmatched. We are here to help in a way that benefits you the most. The service we provide starts when you say GO and never ends.

  • We listen. We do not try to sell you a home. We help you buy. We ask you what you are looking for then we go out and find it.
  • We are experts in our field. We are dedicated to providing the best buying experience of your life. We are so confident because of the processes we’ve developed while passing $200,000,000 of SOLD homes. We shine because we look at new inventory every day. We have a burning desire to find you a home that meets your needs. We preview so many properties for our clients that it gives us an advantage in understanding the market and market trends. We are hunting properties for buyers every week and because we have hundreds of buyers in North Scottsdale, we are exposed to all markets trends and continue to remain on the cutting edge. Just call us and find out.
  • We understand and use technology throughout the process. Jeff has a background in technology and therefore stays on the leading edge of how best to use it to your advantage. Our home-hunting processes are enabled with high-tech devices, advanced tips and tricks that are simply unmatched in our industry maximizing the buying experience.
  • We are masters of our craft. Negotiating everyday on both sides of the transaction keeps our tool sharp.
  • We care about doing a great job. You are not just a number.

We are not perfect but we give it our best effort. Please give us a shot at earning your business.

The process goes like this: Buyer contacts us. We interview buyer and listen. We discuss current market conditions and how they will affect your buying experience. We go out and find and explore all possible options for you. We bring you the best property based on your criteria. We review the comps and help you chose the best option of your choice. If there is not an option that meets your needs, we continue to stay on top of the market to find what you want.

Call us today to get started: 480-215-7365