Sibbach Answers Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions

These are Real Estate Questions that all home buyers and sellers have asked me over and over again. I figured they must be pretty important since everyone asks these particular questions so click on the links to find out the answers.

Question: Why does it appear that is there are lot of homes available in Scottsdale?

Answer: The Truth About Homes For Sale In Scottsdale (Video)

Question: Are prices going to drop by another 20% like Experts predict?

Answer: The Cup Theory – Supply vs Demand (Video)

Question: I signed up for you to send me homes, why are your not sending more of the homes? and Am I going to get a great deal?

Answer: Where are all the homes for sale in Scottsdale (Video)

Question: The banks are sitting on tons of inventory and expect the amount of Shadow Inventory to affect the Market for years, How much Shadow Inventory is there?

Answer: Foreclosures per month (Chart)

Question: How many bank owned and short sales are available in Scottsdale?

Answer: Scottsdale Distressed Inventory Dashboard (Image)

Question: How is Zillow Accuracy for Phoenix Metro?

Answer: Zillow Accuracy Ratings (Video)

Question: Did Sarah Palin buy a home in North Scottsdale?

Answer: Click play button below to find out…

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