DC Ranch Homes For Sale News – January 2013

Today we’re talking about DC Ranch Homes for Sale, wrapping up 2012, and talking a little about 2013.

So currently there’s 98 homes for sale. There’s only 28, under $1M, and that leaves 70 over $1M. Alright, so in December we sold 16 homes in DC Ranch with 11 of those sales under $1M. Again, we’re talking about the bifurcation of the market.

Currently there’s 27 homes pending. Prices moved up from $261 sq ft. at the beginning of the year to $269 a square foot at the end of the year.

I know, holy cow that means they were flat! I agree, that’s weird because if you live here and your out in the market looking for homes in DC Ranch, your seeing that they’re moving really quickly and you see that we can actually show you neighborhoods that have appreciated but yet the average of the neighborhood has actually remained relatively flat, slightly up, but relatively flat. I mean if we look back to 2009, we were averaging 224 a sq. foot and now we’re at $296, the evidence is clear…just last year the averages just kind of evened out.

Anyway, there’s only 2 distressed homes available in DC Ranch. That’s 2% of the market.

Like we said in our prediction last month, distressed homes are going away. Which means prices will rise.

That’s DC Ranch, and thank God the sun’s back…but, how can we help you? Let us know…glad to see ya!

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