Jeff Sibbach REALTOR® Scottsdale

Jeff Sibbach REALTOR® Scottsdale

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In 2018 Jeff was ranked the #1 Agent in Phoenix-Metro by the Phoenix Business Journal. Jeff Sibbach was ranked in the Top 1/10 of 1% in Maricopa County for sales volume in 2018 and in the Top 1% 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. In 2014, 2015, and 2016, 2017 the Sibbach Team was voted #1 Real Estate Team in Arizona by consumers via Ranking Arizona.

Jeff lives, breathes, and eats real estate. The Sibbach Team is a market leader. We are real estate market experts that focus on delivering the best service in the industry to buyers and sellers. Jeff wants to earn your business today and forever so you will be treated like it. He built a team that understands technology and how to use it to sell houses faster and for 5.3% more, and deliver great service doing so. Jeff was also the only Arizona realtor to be named a finalist as the “Most Innovative Real Estate Sales Person of 2016” by Inman, and was named a finalist as the “Most Innovative Real Estate Team of 2017 and 2018”


Knowledgeable and Humble Team

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Knowledgeable and humble team. Wonderful to work with. Sold our house and helped us find our new home. Good communication and follow through. Lots of experience throughout the valley. We highly recommend using the Sibbach Team.

Helped Us Sell Our House Quickly

The great team at Sibbach helped us sell our house quickly and for much more than we would have with an online-buyer or on our own. They managed the whole process, marketed our house and we very responsive to our needs. Thanks again Sibbach Team!

Well-Coached & Highly Skilled Team

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The Sibbach Team operated like a well-coached and highly skilled team. I knew who I was dealing with at each stage of the process. The Team understood that my objective was to get the house sold at the best price, and they worked with me at every step to make […]

The Epitome of Real Estate

Jeff and his team are the epitome of real estate professionalism meets local neighborhood expert. Nobody knows the market better and nobody spend more time thinking about how to better serve their clients than the Sibbach Team. I have watched them grow their team over the last decade into the […]

Awesome Firm

Awesome firm. They actually we able to get us $30,000 more than we had originally thought before we hired Jeff Sibbach. He spoke with a few companies before who did not seem like they wanted to do any work. I would recommend them to anyone selling their home.

Consistently on Top of the Process

Jeff Sibbach and his entire team were incredibly impressive throughout the selling process. Jeff had an incredibly impressive ability to predict what would happen at each stage of the process. The first time he saw our home he basically said: If you spend x on upgrades then we’ll list at […]

My House Sold on Day 1!

Beyond pleased with Jeff Sibbach and Team! Jeff’s approach to marketing is innovative, and the team’s focus on customer service is outstanding. My house sold on Day 1! Really appreciated Shawna and Tim’s support through the entire process. I would highly recommend Jeff Sibbach and Team!

On Top of Everything

We had been trying to sell our home for 2 years. The Sibbach team go it sold in a few months. They were extremely responsive and on top of everything. Very smooth.

Sold the First Weekend

The Sibbach Team helped me sell my home- and boy did they take care of everything from A to Z! Sharon and the Jeff Sibbach Team helped me make changes to my home to ultimately made my home sell for more money. It also sold the FIRST WEEKEND of being […]

Joining a RE Team Q & A

This week’s ZOOM Q & A topic: How the Sibbach Team Helps Agents Grown 300% in the 1st Year.

Best eXp Agent in Arizona

Best of Zillow in Scottsdale Sibbach Team

With “Best Agent” being subjective we have spelled out several reasons why you can confidently call the Sibbach Team at eXp Realty the the Best REALTORS in Arizona!

2020 Phoenix/Scottsdale Real Estate Market Predictions

Jeff Sibbach discusses with Sharon Wisniewski what he expects to see in the 2020 Phoenix/Scottsdale real estate market.

Open Houses Nov 2nd & 3rd

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The Sibbach Team is holding the following open houses this weekend.

How Not to Lose Anything When Moving

Jeff and Lynn

How many times have you moved? Do you have any must-do moving tips?