Troon Village Homes Sold Report – January 2013

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The most asked question we get from people interested in Troon Village is, “How far off are prices from the 2005 peak and is it a good time to buy?” Lets let the numbers speak for themselves.

Average Sold Price 2005 - Troon Village

Average Sold Price per square footAverage Sold PriceTotal Sold Listings for 2005
$291.95$1,069,738.00 127

Average Sold Price 2012 - Troon Village

Avg Sold Price per sq footAvg Sold PriceTotal Sold Listing for Year
$217.27$787,052.00 89

The numbers speak for themselves. Prices are off almost 30% from the peak, supply is low and demand is high. Now is the time to BUY!